Trade Type


YORK BUSINESS ASSOCIATES LIMITED LIMITED using the global ECN\STP bridge access, brokered transactions, ECN matching system based on, but also to integrate the broader liquidity including hedge funds and other institutions, ECN exchange, so as to provide better offer, at relatively thinner.

Depth and Liquidity

Foreign exchange transaction price and transaction level, degree of difficulty, liquidity and market depth mainly depends on the foreign exchange market, foreign exchange refers to the depth of a price of trading volume, liquidity refers to the ease of foreign exchange cash, depth and liquidity, reflects the stability and flexibility of a platform.

Avoid Risk

YORK BUSINESS ASSOCIATES LIMITED to its own strong backing of funds and high-end technology, to provide customers with a variety of depth and variety of platforms, to expand revenue for customers, avoid risks. At the same time, YORK BUSINESS ASSOCIATES LIMITED is based on a deep and mobile service platform and provides a complete set of risk management solutions for partners to ensure risk-free profitability.

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